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I make my art to feel the gratitude and respect to the nature. I use wood and steel and stone together for the sculptural piece for outdoor space. I use a technique of traditional Japanese wood working for the structure and the shape. I am making a small house size sculpture sometimes. That space can afford small number of people in. There is surrounded by beautiful sound and smell of the nature. You can have a time for tea there. I call it a sculpture for tea. Reference to the ASUKA’s masonry of Nara prefecture of Japan, I make my art pieces as I feel flow of time. I can imagine the people move around on the sculptural artifact clearly when I stand and walk around it. Because the size of the artifact is scale by human. ASUKA’s masonry still has a lot of mystery.

Especially I impressed in the mystery that nobody knows how and when the ancient people use the artifact. However, I can feel the real feeling by my hand and senses. I am always inspired by quantity of the time and its images. I imagine the ancient people who have peaceful mind having a tea there on the site.

I have studied the idea that is the image between western contemporary art and Japanese art. Both have pleasure for your eyes but differences in their context. That is because of the differences of their philosophy and their attitude toward nature that was cultivated in long time.

I am studying on how the contemporary art can be used by people in the present day in their style of life. Especially, how to present the art in the conventional Japanese house is interested. I focus on the garden to appreciate Japanese traditional way to present art. On the other side, the gallery space that has white wall is imported from western countries is very useful way to present art pieces. My aim of doing art is that mixing with Contemporary art and Japanese traditional aesthetics to people to engage with natural circumstance. I believe that can bring new aspect of life style attitude to art in various culture consisted by climate and land in this world.